Prophet Muhammad – The Final Prophet Foretold in the Bible

October 20, 2022 0 Comments

At the point when God made man, the primary decree He gave was to love God alone without partner any accomplices with Him. Starting from the start of creation, it normally happened that individuals get off track from the method of God and start to venerate icons. That is the reason God sent prophets as Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. These prophets came to show individuals what god’s identity is and reestablish them to the correct method of God. The last prophet God sent was Prophet Muhammad. God sent him the Quran which is the unadulterated expression of God. Prophet Muhammad had many signs demonstrating that he is a prophet sent from God. One of these signs are the predictions anticipating his coming in the past books. One of these books is the Book of scriptures.

In spite of the contortions and additions the Good book was dependent upon, it actually had indications of predictions anticipating Prophet Muhammad’s coming. In Deuteronomy 18:18, God lets Moses know that a prophet like him will be raised from among the siblings of Israel. At the point when we see this stanza, we notice two things. The first is that the prophet referenced here is like Moses. This can’t be Jesus since Moses was never viewed as God dissimilar to Jesus. Likewise Jesus didn’t accompany another regulation dissimilar to Moses. This really applies to Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad was never viewed as God. Likewise Prophet Muhammad accompanied a totally new regulation, same as Moses. This is affirmed in John 1:25 when it shows that the Jews comprehended that there is a Christ and a Prophet predicted, and that implies that the Christ isn’t the Prophet.

The second thing we notice here is that this prophet will be raised from the siblings of Israel. The siblings of Israel are the Ishmaelites. Ishmael was honored in the Book of scriptures and was told to have an extraordinary country. A gift as per the Holy book is a prescience in relatives. For instance when we take a gander at Beginning 27 while the The days of Noah gift was taken from Esau to Isaac, we notice that no prophets were raised from the relatives of Esau despite the fact that he had an incredible country, which is the Europeans. Albeit the Good book says that the contract of God was made with Isaac, it was affirmed by Jesus in Matthew 21:43 that the realm of God will be detracted from the Jews and given to another country. This country is the country of Islam, since God made circumcision as a never-ending agreement with Abraham and his relatives. Muslims circumcise while Christians don’t.

Additionally what demonstrates that the predicted prophet is from the Ishmaelites is everything Isaiah 42:11 says to that individuals of Kedar and Sela will celebrate with the coming of the worker of God. At the point when we take a gander at the Good book, we observe that Kedar is a child of Ishmael. Likewise Sela is a popular mountain in Medina which is the city where Prophet Muhammad relocated to. That is the reason the stanza tells that occupants will yell from the highest point of the mountains. For what reason did the stanza specify these two spots which are connected with Arabia? In the event that Isaiah 42 is alluding to Jesus, for what reason didn’t it make reference to a city connected with Christians as Rome or Antioch or Ephesus for instance?